FREE: Remote Desktop Connection Manager – A RDP client

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) is a free RDP client tool from Microsoft that allows you to manage multiple RDP sessions. If you often have to open multiple RDP connections simultaneously, you will especially like Remote Desktop Connection Manager.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager Group

RDCMan’s navigation pane on the left-hand side shows your servers and the groups you defined. The client area on the right-hand side displays either thumbnails of a group or the RDP session of a specific server.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager Group Client Area

Server groups are not just a way to sort your servers. The most interesting use of server groups is to configure RDP settings (such as logon credentials) for multiple servers at once. Groups can be nested and a subgroup can inherit the settings from its container.

As the Windows Remote Desktop Connection tool, RDCMan allows you to save credentials. You can do this for each server separately or for a group. However, the free RDP client tool doesn’t store the credentials in the Windows 7 Vault. Storing passwords on your desktop is always a risk, but it is certainly more secure to store them with an uncommon tool than with a function that is integrated in Windows.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager Group Properties

Another useful group feature is that you can connect to multiple servers with just a mouse click. RDCMan also allows you to disconnect or log off from all servers in a group in one go.

If you click a group in the navigation pane, RDCMan displays the thumbnails of all servers in the client area. To work with a server, you have to double-click its title bar. This enlarges the desktop to size of the client area. RDCMan adjusts the screen resolution of the corresponding RDP session automatically. Unfortunately, this only works once. If you resize the window, RDCMan won’t adjust the screen resolution again.

Through the context menu of a thumbnail’s title bar or the icon in the navigation pane, you can also open a RDP session in full screen mode. It is a bit strange that RDCMan then uses the screen resolution of the client area by default. However, you can configure a fixed screen resolution for a group or for a single server. RDCMan will then always use this resolution regardless of the client area size.

The funny thing is that you can also directly interact with a server through the thumbnails. But this only makes sense if you increase the size of the thumbnails. This can be done for a single server or group. If you have a very big screen you can monitor multiple servers easily with RDCMan.

All in all, Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a nifty free RDP client tool. However, many other comparable utilities exist. A while back I compared six other RDP client tools. The feature list is not up to date though. And don’t confuse the Remote Desktop Connection Manager of this review with the Remote Desktop Manager which not only allows you to manage RDP sessions but also VNC, SSH, Telnet, and other protocols.

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